There’s something wonderful about Scotland – and about its islands. The wild and rugged terrain of the Highlands alongside the green and fertile Lowlands. It’s a country rich in history and heritage. I’m very fortunate to live close to the West Coast of Scotland and from my home I can head north and west: into the Highlands and to all the islands that lie off these western shores. Below is a list of articles that I’ve written for Scottish Islands Explorer, iScot and The Island Review: all excellent publications that are a great source of information about life in Scotland and on its islands – past, present and future.

Date                          Article Title                                                                          Publication        Island/Location

Nov/Dec 2013            Scalpsie Bay: a Walk through Time                                        SIE                       Bute

Mar/Apr 2014             Plague, Priests and Pirates: Islay’s intriguing Past                 SIE                       Islay

July/Aug 2014             Corrie Connections                                                                   SIE                       Arran

Jan/Feb 2015              South Islay Distillery Path: a new walk                                    SIE                       Islay

May/June 2015           Eilean Ban: dwarfed but not diminished                                 SIE                      Eilean Ban

July/Aug 2015              Islands of Adventure: Islands as locations for fiction           SIE                     Scottish islands

Sept/Oct 2015             High Corrie: Isle of Arran                                                         SIE                      Arran

Nov/Dec 2015             Islands Beyond: Saaremaa in Estonia                                    SIE                      Saaremaa

Mar/Apr 2016              Inchmurrin: a jewel in Loch Lomond                                      SIE                      Inchmurrin

May/June 2016            In Search of Tintin                                                                    SIE                      Barra, Arran

January 2017               Scottish Scenic Routes                                                             iScot                   Trossachs

February 2017             Walk on the Wild Side : Bute’s West Island Way                  iScot                    Bute

March 2017                 ‘A Distant Isle, where darkest Deeds are done’                      Island Review     Scottish islands

March 2017                 The Bone Caves of Inchnadamph                                            iScot                    Assynt

April 2017                    Cape Wrath – the turning point                                               iScot                    Cape Wrath

May 2017                     King’s Cave Arran – a walk back in time                                  iScot                    Arran

June 2017                    Spacemen and Spies – Glenelg has it all!                                iScot                    Glenelg

July 2017                     “Mind the clachan of Aberfoyle!”                                               iScot                    Aberfoyle

July/August 2017         Guest Columnist                                                                        SIE                       Why islands?

August 2017                Not so Bloody Scotland                                                             iScot                    Rannoch, Carrbridge, Islay

Sept/Oct 2017             Coire Fhionn Lochan                                                                  SIE                       Arran

September 2017          Glen Finglas                                                                                iScot                   Glen Finglas

October 2017               Tragedy in the Gareloch                                                            iScot                    Gareloch, Fairfields

November 2017           A Rich Blend of History and Whisky                                        iScot                   Three Distilleries Path, Islay

December 2017           The Kellas Compass                                                                   iScot                   Scotland/India

Forthcoming articles      

Jan /Feb 2018               Not All Plain Sailing!                                                                   SIE                       Canna, Colonsay, Barra

Mar/April 2018             From Tramway to Walkway                                                       SIE                      Bute

May/June 2018             Dun and Sticir: North Uist’s Finlaggan?                                    SIE                      North Uist, Islay

Sept/Oct 2018               In Search of Saints                                                                     SIE                     Eileach an Naoimh

Nov/Dec 2018               Coillabus: the way forward for island building?                      SIE                     Islay

Jan/Feb 2019                Almost islands: Scoraig and Inverie