Back to St Kilda

In a previous post I mentioned that I hope one day to visit St Kilda. But while I might not have been there, my intrepid uncle and cousin, David and Simon Kellas, have.  In summer 2007, along with a group of friends, they spent a week on board the MV Kylebhan, sailing among many Hebridean islands until they finally reached – and landed on – St Kilda.  Simon’s video record of that memorable trip is available in three parts and is well worth a watch!

Part 1: Oban to Lochmaddy, via Coll & Canna here

Part 2: Lochmaddy to St Kilda through the Sound of Harris, and back to Leverburgh in a force 6 NE wind  here

Part 3: Leverburgh to Oban via Canna, Rum and Coll here